Our Services

Direct Cabinet Orders. For individuals who have a designed space and wish to place a direct cabinet order, we are happy to help complete your order by responding to your request form submission below. We will work with you to confirm your design and needs, provide cabinet and color samples and work with you to ensure shipping and receipt of beautiful cabinetry. Please complete the request form below and a Fonteneau & Co. team member will contact you shortly.

Residential Cabinetry Design

Our residential cabinetry design is available for kitchens, mudrooms, closets and other spaces that benefit from beautiful cabinetry. Ours is a five-step process where we simplify the process as much as possible while ensuring your aesthetic and organizational needs are met resulting in a beautiful, long lasting spaces that enhance your daily life.

Step one of our process involves an intake of information to learn about your project, lifestyle, aesthetics and what you wish to achieve in your project. We request that interested individuals submit our intake form, below, to begin the process.

Step two of our process is our meeting, either remotely or in person, where we discuss your project and develop a design plan, including cabinet lines, storage options, material choices, timelines and budget. We usually take field measurements and determine other structural considerations for your project. We also provide 3D and 2D designs upon deposit that is credited toward your project.

Once the design and other elements of your project are determined, we enter step three of the process which includes contract signatures and sample approvals.

Next, step four of the process, we conduct final measurements, if necessary, and begin fabrication of your cabinetry. We provide updates along the way regarding cabinetry fabrication and delivery. We also continue communicating regarding any other material selections and design elements.

In step five, we schedule and coordinate delivery and installation of your cabinetry and other elements of your project. Depending on your location, our installation team may be used, or we will partner with an approved contractor to ensure proper installation of your cabinets.

Finally, while it’s not considered a phase of your project work, we swing by and check in when possible and send along a little gift!

Please complete the request form below and a Fonteneau & Co. team member will contact you shortly.

Custom and Commercial Projects

At Fonteneau & Co. We have experience working with architects, designers, builders and business owners on custom and commercial projects ranging from large-scale hospitality and retail spaces to unique private residences. Our work in this area spans the east coast and includes design, build, project management capabilities. We have had the pleasure to work on restaurant projects in the Washington D.C. and New York metropolitan areas for stand-alone hospitality concepts and multi-location restaurant groups. In addition, due to his guild background, Mickael has been called upon by private collectors, institutions and museums to consult on historic work and the repair and maintenance of historically significant furniture pieces.  

Please reach out to us at bonjour@fonteneauco.com regarding custom and commercial projects.

To the Trade

We enjoy working with other industry professionals on new construction and renovation residential and commercial projects. As a member of our trade program, you will receive discounts, tax exemption and an assigned team member to assist you with your design and order customizations. Please submit the contact form below to learn more about trade discounts offered to designers, architects and builders.